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Following Ferguson shooting, police departments rush to adopt body cameras

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 20:30
Whether you believe the story told by Ferguson police officer Daren Wilson, or by the family of Michael Brown, ...
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Catholic Shopping .com is about to have its biggest sale ever for Black Friday weekend!

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 13:09
This weekend, Catholic Shopping .com is having an amazing sale with up to 70% off of selected items. These deep ...
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A Boston man has something new to be thankful for after he received a double arm transplant

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 11:57
A Boston man who received a double arm transplant in October is making remarkable recovery, just in time for ...
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Dreaded cartel overlord Alfredo Vasquez-Hernandez sentenced to 22 years in prison in U.S.

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 11:48
Top Sinaloa cartel thug Alfredo Vasquez-Hernandez has been sentenced to 22 years in prison in the U.S. for ...
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Here's 3,000 reasons why Obama just made illegal immigrants more attractive to your employer

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 08:51
President Obama's new amnesty plan is going to have some drastic effects that most American's ...
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Fr. Randy Sly on Thanksgiving and Our Roots of Faith

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 08:44
Thanksgiving Day has become a time when we watch parades and then take in large amounts of food and football. ...
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Thanksgiving Day: We are Still One Nation - Under God

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 08:30
This week the people of the United States of America struggle to find a way through the trauma we are ...
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The Church isn't static – she's a pilgrim on a journey, Pope says

Vatican News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 08:20
Vatican City, Nov 26, 2014 / 07:20 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis in his weekly general audience said that the Church on earth is on a pilgrimage to heaven guided by the Lord, who will lead us to the fullness of joy and truth at the end of time.
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Pope's Philly trip could be a turning point on US marriage front

World Catholic News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 08:02
Rome, Italy, Nov 26, 2014 / 07:02 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Legal expert Alan Sears said that the push for marriage redefinition in the U.S. has provided a platform for the issue at large and that Pope Francis' visit in 2015 could mark a shift in the contentious debate.
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Iraqi patriarch urges Muslim community to speak out against ISIS

World Catholic News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 03:02
Vienna, Austria, Nov 26, 2014 / 02:02 am (EWTN News).- The head of the Chaldean Catholic Church has appealed to Muslims worldwide to both uphold shared human rights values as well as denounce the barbarity of the extremist group ISIS.
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Acknowledging Unknown Soldier over known soldiers: Over 1.2 million veterans lack health insurance

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 00:34
As many leave laurels at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the United States refuses to acknowledge the health ...
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Ferguson in flames as policeman who shot, killed teenager found not guilty

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 15:06
People have responded to violence - with violence. After Police Officer Darren Wilson was been cleared of all ...
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Is dialogue with terrorists a lost cause? Pope Francis says no

Vatican News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 13:02
Aboard the papal plane, Nov 25, 2014 / 12:02 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Speaking to journalists in-flight on his way back from Strasbourg, Pope Francis touched on dialogue with extremist terrorists – saying that although it's difficult, the door is never completely closed.
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Priest in Ferguson reports deep mistrust between groups fueling tension

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 10:54
A Catholic priest assigned to Ferguson, MO, spoke with Vatican Radio about the "festering" ...
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Guliani/ Dyson Debate: Racism is Sin. Legitimate Social Analysis and Questions are Not

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 10:02
I do not believe that the comments of the former Mayor of New York revealed racism or what the Professor of ...
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Pope tells 'haggard' Europe that human dignity is key to renewal

Vatican News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 08:39
Vatican City, Nov 25, 2014 / 07:39 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis' address to the European Parliament touched on a variety of issues, all of which, he said, ought to promote the "centrality" of the human person so that a true cultural renewal can be attained.
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Be brothers and sisters for peace, Pope tells Europe

World Catholic News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 08:05
Strasbourg, France, Nov 25, 2014 / 07:05 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis said Tuesday that brotherhood and a spirit of mutual service are needed to overcome conflict, telling the Council of Europe that both the continent and Christianity have special roles to play in this work.
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The challenge of human rights recognition in Europe

World Catholic News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 06:31
Strasbourg, France, Nov 25, 2014 / 05:31 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- While Pope Francis was applauded at the European Parliament on Tuesday at his mention of children "killed even before being born" as among the victims of a "throwaway" culture, the European Court for Human Rights has said regulating the treatment of infants born-alive after late-term abortion is outside its competence.
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Scholars: No, Benedict XVI doesn't support Kasper in Synod debates

Vatican News - Tue, 11/25/2014 - 05:49
Vatican City, Nov 25, 2014 / 04:49 am (EWTN News/CNA).- A new volume of Benedict XVI's collected works includes an updated version of a 1972 essay in which he had suggested that the divorced and remarried could receive Communion – but the Pope had long since abandoned that position, scholars noted.
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Binge drinking: Only 10 percent of those who 'drink too much' are alcoholic

Catholic.Org U.S. News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 15:39
The information would appear to encourage even more irresponsible behavior over the holidays . but a recent ...
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